Stoupa is a coastal village of Mani with a very ancient history that can fascinate the visitor at all times of the year.
East of the village rises the castle which was the Acropolis of the old state of Lefktro. According to Pausanias there was the temple of Athena with her statue. During the Frankish period (1204-1259) the castle was rebuilt and named Beaufort. Nikos Kazantzakis and Alexis Zorbas lived here, exploiting the mines of Prastova. Nikos Kazantzakis was inspired here and wrote his work "Life and State of Alexis Zorba".

Stoupa offers the possibility to combine mountain and sea. Starting from here you can tour the majestic Taygetos in the tranquility of nature (in the forest of Vasiliki), get to know the towering Mania towers, the picturesque churches, the unique villages with the wonderful cobblestones as well as the gorges of Byros and Ridomos. Also for lovers of the liquid element, the area offers many water sports (swimming, free diving, water skiing).

There are organized beaches where you can enjoy your swim with all the comforts, while for those who prefer something quieter, there are very beautiful secluded beaches.

Moving into modern times, the Stupa has preserved its architecture as well as the customs of its ancestors.

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