Stoupa is a coastal village of  Mani with very ancient history which can charm the visitor all the seasons of the year.

To the east of the village, rises the castle which used to be the citadel of the ancient town of Lefktron. During Pausania’s era, Athena’s temple as well as her statue existed. In the Frankish domination period (1204 – 1259), the castle was reconstructed and named Bofor. Here, Nickos Kazantzakis and Alexis Zorbas lived, exploiting Pastrova’s mines. It was here that Nickos Kazantzakis was inspired and wrote his book ” Vios & Politia ” of Alexis Zorbas.

Stoupa , offers the chance for somebody to combine mountain and sea. Setting off from here, you can tour in the magnificent Taygetos enjoying nature’s tranquillity (in the Vasiliki Forest), meet the imperious towers of Mani, the picturesque churches, the small spectacular villages along the unique Kalderimia as well as the Viros and Ridomos gorges. Furthermore, as far as those who adore the sea are concerned, there is a variety of sports (swimming, diving, and sea skiing).

There are well organised beaches where you can enjoy swimming in all comforts, while for those who prefer something more peaceful, there are very scenic, secluded beaches.

In the modern times, Stoupa has kept alive its architectural design as well as its ancestors’ customs.